Travel means World

At least it does to me. To me it means a lot more, tough, too: Culture, Otherness, Wanderlust, Fear, Me, People, so many people, Passion, Pain, Creation and Memories. “World” is a good summary of that, though.

I am now only two more nights of doubtfully recreational sleep away to start this new-new experience. Taking a plane to Mumbai was never my intention a couple of months back, but that’s the thing with strict tolerance and keeping your options open; you might end up with something unexpected. Jackpot!

Honestly, where I come from, you are actually looking for unexpectedness. Because why would anyone want to go ahead and experience everything one already knew one would? There are many more advantages in just allowing your brain to be blown out by a new piece of world. Because world necessarily means travel, means sudden- and unexpectedly being global and so much yourself as you never are in any other situation. It means having the best and worst time of your life at once – and afterwards longing for more.

Concerning India: A friend today told me India was “the country of wheelers and dealers“; not too sure how much of me already feels ready for this sort of task. But I also watched a woman on YouTube (GRRRLTRAVELER) describing her experience in India as a rough rollercoaster ride you just want to take over and over again. Sounds like the right path to me, I guess.

Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “Travel means World

  1. भारत में आपका स्वागत है Matthew,
    hope you had a nice flight and everything goes well.
    Although I could be wrong and you might sleep under the stars, but have you found a nice place to stay?


    • Dear Rob,
      thank you for your warm wishes and concerns!
      I have arrived well and healthy. Got a simple but nice apartment I will soon write more about!
      Looking forward to more of your thoughts on my writings, pictures,…!

      – Matthew

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