Die ganze Nacht

Wie gebannt beobachte ich, wie die metallenen Schuppen des Gepäckbandes an mir vorbeiziehen, sich an den Ecken zu einem Dreieck zusammendrängen und schließlich mit den einsamen Koffern, die noch ihre Runden drehen aus meinem Blickfeld entschwinden. Mein Rucksack müsste jeden Augenblick auftauchen. Neben mir wartet Yuanyuan schon mit ihrer Reisetasche in der Hand darauf, endlich … Read moreDie ganze Nacht

Virtually rich, really broke 

It’s been a while. And although a lot of things happened, the one thing that shook up my stay here in this already very alien country occurred just a few days ago, the night before the US elections: Two hours before midnight the prime minister of India publicly announced that the highest denominations, 1000 and … Read moreVirtually rich, really broke 

Unfamiliarly familiar uncomfortableness

So I am sick. The doctor says it should be just a sore throat, although it feels like a spiky alien hiding in my esophagus. That being said, I put all endeavors to explore Indian cuisine aside and focus on finding meals that are both familiar and potentially swallowable without the risk to faint from … Read moreUnfamiliarly familiar uncomfortableness

Like a dumb tourist

Permaculture is weird to explain. Its a concept of the 1970s, there was this guy Bill Mollison and people are still implementing it today – even after reading the literature only that much made sense to me. People who asked me to explain the word to them must have been disappointed and astonished by how … Read moreLike a dumb tourist