Facilitation has long been something
I wanted to be exceptional at

Facilitation of classes, workshops and events has long been something that I enjoy doing and becoming better at. I feel oddly comfortable both in front of large audiences and as part of intimate working groups and have learned to tailor my presentation or hosting to my audiences’ needs and characteristics.

While I have never received formal pedagogical training, I have been very fortunate to collaborate with and learn from educators from all over the world. These learning experiences and my past working opportunities have allowed me to start and develop my own presentation and hosting style.

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Networking Events for Scientists, Educators, and Innovators

Career Planning and Life Design

Introduction to Sustainability

Intercultural Sensibility on Blogs & Social Media

Permaculture for High Schoolers

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Kiel, Germany

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I like to put my participants first when hosting an event. When I have twenty people in the room with me, every minute I facilitate means twenty minutes of human life time that are being hosted.

This thought keeps me on my toes to deliver the best possible experience to my participants and really step up my game when I am presenting or hosting. But it is also why I am increasingly interested in participatory methodologies like Open Space, Design Thinking, and Theory U, and why I am trying to turn facilitation opportunities into deeply satisfying collective learning and creation experiences.

Most importantly: Nothing is too informal or fun for a learning environment. If you ask me for a presentation on a topic I am passionate about, you will receive a multimedia experience with memes, dad jokes, music, lights, and all.