Utopia on my Mind is a project that started during the early stages of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The idea was that we are all in need of more utopias in order to even think about and discuss what world we want to live in.
The podcast is curating visions for an ideal world from all over the globe in a Radiolab-like storytelling way.

What I enjoy about the work

Podcasting is something that I got into only recently but found a lot of enjoyment and a foothold in relatively quickly – probably due to my familiarity with editing softwares thanks to my background in videomaking.

More than video production, however, podcasting feels like this beautiful marriage between rewarding and honest conversations, research, a creative writing process that allows me to actually craft something new, and the detail- and aesthetic-driven work of editing and composing an episode.

The point I dread every time I produce something is that moment when you have recorded everything you need and you open the editing software for the first time to look through the hours of footage and try to make sense of it all.

With Utopia on my Mind, I have successfully circumnavigated this problem and found a process that allows me to keep an overview on the story I am telling while at the same time wielding full creative control over the tiniest details:
Essentially, I am working with the transcription of the conversations and actually edit and write the podcast rather than Frankenstein-ing it together in an editing program. This way, my working process seems more logical than before and the end product more coherent in the story it tells.

My working process