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I am a German-born soon-to-be-graduated student for Social and Cultural Anthropology. Recently, I have been specializing in Ethnobiology and Environmental Anthropology – subjects I found very much relating to my personal interests and goals in life.

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I developed this website on the brink of a new journey eastwards. I won’t be the barefoot backpacker nor the hectic hotel-hopper. Instead, I’ll be trying to work with different actors and organizations engaged in permaculture, eco-projects, community development and alternate lifestyle implementation. I am walking this path to learn about anthropological phenomenons on an academic level, but also to become a part of the activism in and around permaculture projects, ecovillages and sustainable communities.

Using this online space I will document as much of this experience and of my insights as possible, in different ways and styles. This includes blog posts about day-to-day life, as well as anthropological essays and various types of media.

Hope you enjoy!

 – Matthew